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Portuguese Brands you need to know!

So, did you think we were just going to talk about ourselves? Of course not! So this are some Portuguese brands that we Victoria Handmade have followed! All these companies respect the ethical values ​​of work, some are made by hand (hey!), others full of tradition and stories (as not love?!) and above all: sustainable (this means at all levels)!

The Earth Colors
Oh winter days... for some reason mother earth colors are the ones that this year are making our heart shine between the clouds! Are you having the same feeling? Brown, yellow, green troop... so many options. And this one is just the first basket bag to be released with that in mind!
handmade bags

The leaves of the trees finally begin to fall and fill the ground and the air with new colors and smells of comfort and lightness. The sun now moves more slowly in the sky and a new season makes us dream.

baskets decoration
Happy Birthday to Us! But the gift is for You! 6 Victoria Handmade decorative boxes will be offered to 6 of our October customers. Because each anniversary is a victory and none of this would be possible without you, it is only fair that the gift be given to one of you!
Slow fashion basket bags
Did you know ... that all Victoria Handmade are waterproof? Our pieces are made to transcend fleeting trends, ensuring longevity of design and circularity of product.
prémio nacional de artesanato português IEFP
If somebody had ever told the little 4 year old Esperança kid, that in her full 44 years she would continue to work in the reed basketry, she would answer that it would be impossible. Without never imaginating that I would be named winner of the 2019 Portuguese Crafts Awards on innovation category. Gratitude!
Amor de mãe

Victoria handmade was reborn in the same year that my dear mother leave this universe. And I know today that it was not a fluke of fate.