7 Tips For Having And Receiving The Best Gifts This Christmas

The thought counts - but it's not the only thing. At Victoria Handmade, our gifts are meticulous handmade by us with love and care, so that your gifts can be as good as your intentions.

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So this year we decided to make ''THE GIFT GUIDE'' that will help you to achive a more memorable, sustainable and conscient Christmas!

We will share all tipe of tips, brands that are worth offering this Christmas for her and him! Eco-friendly and ethically made gifts ideas to offer, and lots of good stuff planned that will be out on the blog over the next weeks as we countdown to the 25th.

Today we will be starting this serie with:

7 tips for having and receiving the best gifts this Christmas! 

That mythical phrase '' I have no idea what I'm going to offer you ... '' or '' - as soon as I saw it, I immediately remembered you and had to buy you. '' and then you question yourself how someone could remember you with that gift? (Ingratitude aside!)
Maybe it's time to get people to know you better!
A good tip is to share on facebook things you would like to receive this Christmas (or birthdays, etc.)! How many brand pages do you follow on facebook where you covet their pieces, but you don't have the money, or is it not a priority nowadays or did you even want someone to guess that it was really what you wanted to receive this Christmas?
Well: share on your facebook! Your friends are there, your family is there. They won't just guess if you don't give a tip - then socks and chocolates come as a last option because well, sometimes it's not even the lack of money, it's the lack of knowing what to give! Sharing on facebook is a discreet way but direct of saying '' HEY! Anyone who wants to offer, i'm up for it! ’’
PS: our goal for the end of the year is to reach 50000 likes on facebook, is there a little help ?! ;)

Are you one of those who prefer to have a single gift that you really want, than several that don't even have anything to do with you? First you have to follow tip #1 from above (obviously, no one is a wizard). Second - and this tip was given by our fans, thank you! :) - a great idea to receive or give a gift that you know the person will LOVE is to get everyone - friends / family - together and make the mythical piggy bank: it’s cheaper for everyone, whoever offers it is happy to know that they are giving something which really means something important to the gifted, and it will be ignored to mention that the gifted will be in ecstasy, no?

feliz natal

Be aware, at this time of year there are more discounts than ever before. Are you looking at a particular brand but would like to take advantage of a good offer? Subscribe to the email list and don't miss the opportunity to get the perfect gift at a lower price! And no, don't miss the opportunity because you think that if you wait a little longer, maybe I'll get a lower price, because the probability is that in fact you end up buying at the normal price because you missed the previous opportunity!
PS: perfect opportunity to remember that we are offering -10% discount + free shipping worldwide to everyone who subscribes until December 18th (unlimited usage!)

gift card

The most special people on your list deserve the most special gifts - but they are not always easy to find. Are you sure she likes that brand, but you're not sure which piece she prefers, the right size, the right color? Changing is always an option, but it is still boring and there is that feeling of ‘’ it didn’t stick to what I chose ’’.
Failing seems more frightening than ever when it comes to offering something to someone important! So: let her choose. Many physical and online stores have gift cards that allow you to purchase the ‘’ card ’’ with a value for the person to spend later on what they want: there’s no way to fail here! Do you find it too impersonal and meaningless? Well, if the card is in fact a brand that perfectly knows that the person loves it, it does not seem impersonal to us! As for example, at Victoria Handmade this year we made available Gift Cards with different values, valid for 1 whole year! Click here to find out more.

With the current situation we live in, this is a difficult reality. But also, gifts take on another meaning: there is greater gratitude, don't you think?
Our premise nowadays is to choose to buy nationally in online stores: comfortable, risk-free and easy. But instead of buying and the gift goes to your home, buy and change the shipping address, to the address of the gift recipient - contact the brand and ask to send closer to Christmas so it doesn't seem strange to receive gifts out of time!
At Victoria Handmade whatever the country: we ship to the whole world (also shipping is now free to any part of the world), just like many other brands do. So, can't you be together this Christmas? But it can still be special and it can still offer love.

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Unique gifts are always the best. Let's see, wouldn't you love to receive something that you know that only one person in a million has, and that person is you? Several brands have the option of custom-made pieces, personalized pieces with different colors, or even shapes. Be attentive and question the brand itself if it would not be feasible to make a small adjustment in what you want to acquire, and thus offer something WOW?
In our store the ‘’personalization’’ is successful: we can stamp names, initials, expressions, on the side or on the soft leather strap of the piece. Words like '' CARPE DIEM '', '' GRATITUDE '', ''BE HAPPY '', '' HAKUNA MATATA '', so many options that mean so much to those who receive it that even we who do it keep our hearts full, how much more the person for whom it was made?
Customize your Victoria Handmade gift here.

carpe diem 

Many brands have the option that, when shipping the order, a card with a message of affection be sent also inside. When in doubt ask if the brand has this option! At Victoria Handmade we offer our customers a card where you can write a message to the recipient and she can read and save it (and this card, we offer at zero cost! Just ask). There was a year, also at Christmas, by the way, that my daughter offered me a card with her present (like when they send flowers and has the little card), and I was very grateful, because I could feel with even more impact how much that gift was important to me, and to her.

That's it for today! If you like it, share it also with your friends ;) Have a lovely and safe day!

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