We are giving away 6 of our pieces!

And Our Gift Is For You!

cestas junco

6 years of Victoria Handmade. Wow how quickly it went! And as none of this would be possible without you, it is only right that you are one of the gifted too!

cestos victoria handmade
portuguese basket pieces

Each anniversary is a victory, which is why we are offering these unique pieces that you will not be able to find anywhere else because as the date itself deserves, they were idealized to celebrate this moment with you and because you deserve a unique piece! These decorative boxes look great at the entrance to your home, in the center of your living room table or on your dresser. It is a multifunction box that allows you to store everything from office items - letters, pens, etc. - to beauty items - brushes, rubber bands, lipsticks. Whatever you want!

So, who can win one of these 6 pieces?

During the 1st to the 27th of October, all orders of basket bags will go to the draw on the 28th where we will present live on our instagram (click to find it!) the 6 winners who will receive these decoration boxes in the comfort of their homes! And yes: it is an international draw.
Because you have been by our side all this time, we could only thank you with something that meant both to you and to us. We look forward to sharing smiles very soon! It's already on the 28th :) See you soon!


peças victoria handmade

PS: the colors of the decorative boxes will be drawn blindly, their colors being different. All purchases of a bag made on www.victoria-handmade.com or in our physical store, between the 1st and the 27th of October, will be automatically validated to qualify to win. Winners will be notified via email in advance of delivery of prizes!


  • Claudia CAMPOS

    E começar a fazer dessas para pôr à venda? São tão giras! Eu já tenho a minha Victoria, mas não me importava de mais um modelito assim tão giro!

  • Voula Tsiouka

    Great job.Unique bags.

  • Sandra

    Adoro, adoro 😍!!!

  • Edna Chevalier

    J’ai eu mon premier Victoria cett année et j’ai tombé amoureuse.
    Il m’accompagne partout et j’@dore❤

  • Eliane Gomes dicasdaely

    Oi,oi,oi!! PARABÉNS ,muitas felicidades ,sucesso e alegrias,pois a Victoria Handmade,faz e continuará fazendo a alegria da clientela ,e breve estarei entre elas,rs!!!

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