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The leaves of the trees finally begin to fall and fill the ground and the air with new colors and smells of comfort and lightness. The sun now moves more slowly in the sky and a new season makes us dream.

Although we are not living the best time of our lives, what once seemed so normal and guaranteed, today has a new weight: gratitude. And we couldn't help but taste the little things that guarantee us hope of victory.

self love

Now recalling a summer that has come to an end, you can already feel the yearning for the season we just left, and remember the hot summer nights as a lost love. We arranged the dresses, the shorts, the light skirts and now we move on to the warm and soft fabrics. But while the thought of having a good time by the fireplace is comforting, more than ever the desire to achieve our life goals and not get carried away by the darkest days is greater than ever.

Keeping your head fresh and with positive thoughts is a turning point to pursue your dreams and be successful. Thinking positive will not make things happen on their own, but it is the certainty that goes ahead with them. Being positive does not mean that everything will go well, but that whatever happens, you will be fine with yourself.

Not every day we feel ready to conquer the world. But small habits can move mountains. Do you remember that day when you jumped off to a new morning, full of dreams and motivation to fulfill them? Do you remember what you wore, the thoughts that overflowed your mind and what you did during that day? Repeat. Do it all again. Decorate what makes you feel good, and do it again and again. Allow yourself to have a bad day, but don't allow yourself to stay on it.

Life is cycles, it is up to you not to let it be vicious.

vintage basket bags
We leave you with some looks and images that inspire us to continue our day with a little more comfort, and to dream about the new winter colors that we are about to launch ... a secret to reveal very soon. Yes, because it was thought that it was time to put aside your Victoria Handmade for fear of not enduring the rainy weather, scratch that idea out of your head. All of our pieces are waterproof, we believe in the longevity of design and for that, there is no reason to stop living the best moments of your life without your Victoria Handmade to accompany you! So that you can shine as much as a star that illuminates the winter sky.
See ya
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