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The sustainability of a craft project requires good management at all levels. Many arts have been lost over time precisely because they are not sustainable.
Revista Activa
They are bones of the trade. But the biggest challenge is to continue to have hands to work, to physically endure. I am a perfectionist, I am demanding. First with me, only later with the others.
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Who says that you can't keep in style even in winter? Victoria Handmade basket bags are purses for all year long. 100% Handmade from themselves since 1952, all baskets are waterproof...
Revista Vogue

Directly from the artisan, Victoria handmade is the it basket bag of the moment. Using their basket is like reliving a past in the present day...

British Vogue, Magazine
Inspired by the traditional Portuguese basket but with a more modern and cosmopolitan twist, this brand brings together attitude and heritage. Tradition is timeless.
Revista Lifestyle Observador
The name Victoria could be the proper name of one person, if not been the case of being a proper name of family, and that fits perfectly into the family concept that the brand carries. 
Visão, Online Magazine
50 years ago, ''each house, each loom'', tells the heiress of a family trade that began when her grandmother Victoria put her father at the age of 9 to learn how to weave the reeds.
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Instagram and fast fashion stores were filled with traditional Portuguese baskets. But there is a national brand that makes them like no one else. And let's face it, none reaches the heels of the Portuguese tradition.
Revista Público Online
Today's craftsmanship with the techniques of 100 years ago! If, a hundred years ago, we walked around these regions of Fátima, traveling through mountains, villages or cities, we would find potters, coppersmiths, weavers ... We went looking for them.