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Esperança Bag

Regular price €349.00 EUR *Free Shipping Worldwide

Discover your Esperança Bag: a timeless style, designed for your every day and inspired to make you achieve all your dreams, as long you have hope on them. A perfect all-occasion oversized bag - for work, dinner, weekend tours, and anything in between. Elegant, simple, classic bag designed for the modern women everyday life. Luxuriously effortless, this handmade bag is the essential piece that will make your look perfect every single day.

• Handwoven using sustainable materials;
• Organic reed in natural color;
• High quality vegetable tanning leather in camel color;
• Lined with a warm interior layer of fabric;
• Magnetic closure;
• 1 Interior pocket;
• Protective metal feet;
• Waterproof;
• Handmade in Portugal, for you by us;
• Comes with a ''Basket Care'' pack included;

Size and Fit:
• Unique Size ≅ length 9.84''Xdepth 8.6''Xheight 11''inches;
• Weight ≅ 1lb 11.5oz;
• Adjustable leather strap, with lengths to accommodate on shoulder or for crossbody;
• It allows you to take an diary, tablet, wallet, mobile phone, keys, and much more essentials you need;

• Shipping is done free worldwide in registered mail delivered by hand by the closest carrier at your home.

• How long your order will take to be shipped? Since all baskets are crafted by hand one at a time, the time until dispatch varies depending on the number of simultaneous orders and the piece you are ordering. On the same day of your purchase, we will send an email with a reliable shipping forecast. We promise to be quick! If the date we indicated in the email is too late for you, let us know the date you need your piece and we will give priority to your order.

• Is it for a birthday gift or other important event for you? Contact us and we will give priority to your order in order to meet expectations!

• After dispatch you will receive a tracking number that allows you to track your shipment online! Everything will be provided to you at the time.

• The time to arrive after expedition depend from country to country. More info about this will be provided to you by e-mail since this details depend from the country that your order will be shipped.

We make the conscious decision to only use renewable and sustainable fibers woven by our own hands. Using high quality materials, your basket bag get better with age. With a little bit of care and attention your piece can follow you for years to come. To help you so, we offer you a care pack: 

• A sac made by recyclable fibers to storage your piece;
A jar with beeswax, a natural product that clean, preserve and maintain the beauty of your piece for years to came;

An extra metal foot;

Know when and how to use this care pack on the page ''CARE & CIRCULARITY'' - click.

Other important things when comes to take care of your Victoria Handmade bag:

• The reed body is delicate but robust, this means the reed body can endure knocks and bumps but a little extra care is needed when using the bag, just like other material kind of bags - don't forget to use the beeswax here!
• Our baskets have been thoroughly tested over the years to withstand various conditions. The traditional Portuguese basket existed for decades, and has always been used in the most varied conditions and occasions. At Victoria Handmade we keep the ancestral production methods unchanged, so the quality of your piece is of the highest handmade quality.
Our bags are completely waterproof, but we suggest avoiding any heavy rain, like you should do in any kind of bag.
• Being a plant, the reed does not adhere to all type of colors. This singularity makes that slight differences in shade from reed to reed happens due to its uniqueness.

• Our vegetable tanned leather shows off the material in its most natural state, maintaining natural flaws and markings. We select carefully the most beautiful ones. 
• With proper care, vegetable tanned leather can last many decades. Every few months we recommend applying a little of beeswax (we offer it!) to the leather and rubbing it with a soft cloth (as well as in the reed, don't forget that!).

• While not in use, keep your bag away from closed cupboards and poor ventilated rooms. Store it in it's own sac on a dry place where circulates air (eg. hanging on a hanger, open cupboards - never closed -, etc.) Before storage it, apply a good layer of beeswax across the piece with a cloth.

Two bags are never equal, this is where the essence of each piece persists, unique made especially for you. We hope you enjoy every detail of your victoria handmade, knowing that we work with all the care and dedication to deliver you the highest quality craftsmanship.

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Your basket bag has at least 8 to 16 work hours of our own hands; Of our love.

Giving Away 6 Pieces!

IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY! So we are offering 6 decoration boxes to 6 of ours October clients!