Our Processes

All baskets bags have, at least, 8 to 16 hours of handmade work; of our own hands. Handmade means that this piece was handcrafted in a small scale with care and dedication by our own hands. A Smaller production quantities allow us give you a better quality control and a sense of individuality: your own. 
Get up close to the process of this ancestral art of Portuguese reed basketry.

1st: The Harvest & Preparation of Raw Material

junco português

Reed harvesting in the wetlands of Portugal; Its original color is a dark green;

sustainable fibers

Natural drying by summer sun exposure; Color transition to a cream hue;

slow fashion

Manual cleaning of other plants that aren't our raw material in each reed bunch that is catched;

cortar o junco, matérias amigas do ambiente

Separation of large reed bunches in small portions to cut in the different measures of the pieces;

made by nature

Wash and sulfur the reed to remove impurities;

Removal of the reed seed and choosing the lighter ones to weave natural pieces, from the dark reeds to dye with color;

natural pigments

Dyeing the reeds and jute fiber - 8 colors palette dyed one at a time;

natural drying

Natural outdoor drying of color dyeing;

2nd: Weaving

weaving the web

Weaving the loom web with natural jute to give sustainability to the pieces;

tecer o junco

Weaving the main mats in their different colors and patterns;

cortar o tear

Cutting the loom between the mats to separate them from each other;

atar os cadilhos das peças

Tying the excess jute to secure the reeds to their mat;

cortar excesso de junco

Cutting excess reed from the mats;


Repeat this entire weaving process to make a second loom for the sides of the pieces, two sides mats per body mat;

3rd: Finishes

eco friendly fashion

Application of the eco-friendly protective finish that prevents moisture and preserves the color of the piece for longer;

eco friendly leather

Cutting and production of corners, hand handles, shoulder straps and closures in eco-friendly leather;

sew baskets

Sewing the main mat to the sides of reed or leather, to give body to the piece;


Manual placement of hardware;

wicker wings

Placement of wicker wings; The wicker must be immersed in water for a few hours first in order to become flexible to twist in a braid and shape the wings to be placed in the basket;

close baskets

Placement of catch or magnetic closures;

details that matter

Final color retouch; Derived from traditional sewing methods, the needle pierces the main mat at its corners to structure the piece, offending the reed and this break in the area where the needle passes: it is not a defect, but a normal result!

the label

Conclusion of the piece: placement of the brand label, which by the way, is a family name!

baskets final result

The end result: a high handmade quality, timeless piece, light and made from nature directly from the hands of the artisan to yours. Only like this we preserve the Arts and Crafts from their extinction!

4th: What no one considers, but is part of.

brainstorming collection

Research, brainstorming and briefing on the development of new collections;

Photography: from product, model, production… where a picture worth a thousand words;

Graphic Design and brand communication: where we shout loudly who we are and why we are!

social media

Our window to the world: social media management;

ecommerce web

Construction and maintenance of the ecommerce online store;

customer service

Management and follow up of our dear customers;

packaging love

Order management and packaging for the comfort of your home;

our store

What it is and will always be a pleasure: meet you and serve you in our Atelier & Showroom;